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The benefits of GoSee Expert

  • No need for small talk, experts can focus on facts

  • Save money spent on travel, gifts, giveaways or lunch invitations

  • Stop wasting your time on research- GoSee. Expert offers direct access to industry players

  • Keep track of your online video calls and meetings with GoSee.EXPERT.

  • Avoid appointments cancelled at the last minute on location.

  • Find creatives you did not know you were looking for.

How it works

All you need is an account with GoSee NEWS.

Basic accounts are available free of charge.

  • Go see expert calls are availbale for a small fee.
  • Our recomended rate is 50 per call
  • Experts can set their personal fixed rate in their account
How it works

All featured experts are handpicked by GoSee

The call with take place in a safe space on GoSee for the duration of 30 minutes.

Discuss your portfolio, project, idea, campaign or other professional needs with our experts.